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Three clever ways of saving money on royalty-free music

Royalty-free music is the best way of getting affordable music for your advertising project, short of having someone create the music for you for free – but there are ways to get an even better deal. These ideas are for Audiojungle, but you’ll probably find them useful on other sites as well.


1. Pre-pay

Many royalty-free music sites allow you to deposit money to your account on the site, rather than buying each item with your credit card. And if you plan on buying more than one track, depositing is the way to go. Why? Because if you pay by credit card on a per-track basis, you’re charged an additional $2 dollars per track for the credit handling. So by buying using your pre-paid deposit, you’re essentially saving each time you’re buying a track.


2. Buy the packs

Many composers bundle their tracks in packs, allowing you to save 50% per track. If you find great tracks from a composer, check if he or she is making their music available in packs as well. If so, you can get several tracks in one go, and save while doing so. You can also find the most popular music packs here.


3. Buy direct from the composers

Found a composer whose music would work well with your advertising project? Have a look at their profile and look at the row of icons in the top-right corner. These are badges given for various achievements on the site, being a member for a certain number of years etc. But what you want to look for is an icon with a checkmark. If you hover your cursor on this icon, it’ll say ‘Exclusive Author’.


If this icon is NOT present, you’ll have a good chance of striking a very good deal with that composer. Because the absence of the icon means that the composer has not made an exclusive deal with the stock music site, meaning that he or she can sell their tracks wherever they like.


Find out what tracks you’d like to buy from the composer, and get in touch with him or her, asking if you can buy the tracks directly.


Since composers give a large cut of their profits to the stock music sites (50%-75%, depending on whether they’re selling on an exclusive basis or not), the composer should be able to give you a good discount selling directly to you, while still making more than selling via the stock music site. And the more tracks you’re interested in buying, the higher the chance that the composer is willing to make you a great offer.



Have you found other ways of saving money when buying royalty-free music? Do share your ideas and tips in the comments below!


- Asbjoern

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