Make you ad sound fresh with brand new royalty-free music

When you’re on the hunt for music for your commercial project, royalty-free music is a great option. It’s affordable, readily available and there’s lots to choose from.

But one drawback with using royalty-free music is that you might end up picking a track that’s been used for hundreds of other projects. And let’s face it: No creative agency, ad client or brand wants a stale-sounding advert.


Here’s how to find great royalty-free music for your advertising project while still making it sound fresh and new:



1. Browse the Top New Authors

A little-known feature is the Top New Authors list on royalty-free music site Audiojungle. This is a list of the best-selling new composers from the previous month, and is a great tool for spotting talented new composers within the royalty-free music community. I’d advise you to check on the list each month to see who is making an impact – and ultimately, who is releasing music that would work in your advert.


Remember, if they’re selling well, chances are that they’re releasing some high-quality material too. You can see the current list here.



2. Follow your favorites

When you spot a composer who’s creating high-quality stuff on a royalty-free music site, be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled on what they release. If they’re consistently releasing great music that would work well in your ad, there’s a good probability that they’ll continue to do so – and you want to be the first to know about it.


Here’s how to do it on Audiojungle:


a. Sign up for an Audiojungle account and start looking for music that fits your advert

b. When you come across a composer who does some really good stuff, click the green “Follow” button on the composer’s profile page

c. Keep an eye on your Audiojungle front page. In the box on top-right corner of the page, you can see the very latest releases from the composers you follow. Be sure to check out the previews for any tracks you see there.


This gives you a head start in finding great new music for your project.



3. Do a buy-out of your favorite ad music

If you use the follow feature as outlined above, there’s a good chance you’ll be one of the first to know when your favorite composer releases a new track.


This is a great opportunity to get their latest work while it’s fresh – and perhaps even get it exclusively. Have a look at the page for the track you’re interested in, and see how many Purchases have been made of the given track.


If it’s a low number, the risk of it being one of those overused royalty-free music tracks is really low – or being a track your competitors have used or plan on using in their advertising campaigns. And if the track hasn’t had any Purchases yet, even better! This is your chance to get it exclusively for your project:


Use the contact form on the composer’s profile page, and ask him or her what it would cost to have the track taken off the site and for you to buy that track for exclusive use.


The price is probably going to be a fair bit higher than a normal royalty-free music license, but you can still get a great deal on it compared to having a custom-composed or record-label licensed track in your campaign. And don’t be afraid to bargain :)


By using this approach you make sure that

a) You get to use the music exclusively going forward,

b) it gets taken off the market, so that when your advertising project launches and becomes a runaway hit, your competitors can’t just use the very same track and piggy-back off your success.



Hopefully, this has given you some ideas on how to get fresh-sounding music for your commercial without breaking the bank. And if you’re getting your music from another site than Audiojungle, you’ll probably find similar features to the ones described above for keeping track of the latest and greatest new releases.


If you have any questions or thoughts on this guide, do let me know or leave a comment below.


Good luck with the music for your commercial!


All the best,

- Asbjoern

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